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10 Do's and Don'ts to Help the
Homebuying Process Move Along Easier!
When you are ready to apply for a home loan after
finding your ideal piece of South Padre Island real
estate, please consider the following. It will make the
process run more smoothly and efficiently!

1. Don't apply for new credit of any kind!

2. Don't close credit card accounts!

3. Don't max out or over-charge existing credit cards!

4. Don't consolidate debt to one or two cards!

5. Don't change or quit your current job!

6. Don't make any large deposits into your
checking/savings account!

7. Don't make any large purchases!

8. Don't co-sign for any loans!

9. Do stay current on existing accounts!

10. Do call, email, text, fax, stop by, or send a carrier
pigeon (or seagull!) with any questions regarding your
South Padre real estate purchase!

I am here to assist you from the get-go to make your
dream of Island home ownership a reality and, in
working together, help make the process as seamless
as possible!
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...let me take you from laptops to flip step at a time!